Tech Support

Keep Thins RUnning Smoothly

Software Updates, Backups, Monitoring

Web sites are pretty reliable, but security, server and other problems happen on occasion. Keeping things updated and watching what is happening is the best way to avoid problems and recover quickly when things don’t go as planned.

Basic Support

Keep Your Web Site Running

Basic monthly support lets you know that your web site is running with updated software, security, and a recent off-site backup in case of disaster. If something happens that makes your web site stop functioning or disappear, we will be aware, take steps to recover, and restore the site to operation. This doesn’t mean there can never be a problem or downtime, but you will be prepared and be able to recover.

Intermediate Support

Keep An Eye On Performance

Intermediate monthly support includes keeping an eye on performance by monitoring Key Performance Indicators in Google Analytics such as: traffic volume, traffic sources, devices used, and which visitors contact you or purchase.The included SEO services monitor how your site and competitors’ web sites rank in search engines for keywords that matter most to your business or organization.

Advanced Support

Get The Full Picture

Advanced monthly support provides all the benefits of Basic and Intermediate plans, and adds monitoring Google Analytics and other reporting for PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, social media activity, and email campaigns. The advanced support package offers the maintenance, monitoring and analysis needed to manage complex online marketing activities.

Get The Support You Need

Be Aware and Prepared

Software updates, uptime monitoring, backups, and security are often-neglected aspects of online marketing. We offer services to keep things running and backups in case of disaster. Service can also include monitoring and maintaining advertising and more.


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