Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization You Can See

Independent SEO Tracking & Reporting

We research and track Search Engine Optimization with the help of sophisticated software tools, and use that information to strive for the highest search positions.

We also have software tools to help with other SEO-related tasks, like:

  • Ongoing search position tracking for your site and competing web sites.
  • Web site SEO performance auditing to detect technical problems.
  • Inbound link monitoring and removal those that might cause problems.


Finding the Right Keywords

Analysis of your existing web site search rank history and that of competing web sites lets us know more about which keywords are your strengths, and where your competition may be weak.

On The Page

Technical SEO Implementation

Pages of your web site are focused on specific keywords suggested by research. Page descriptions, addresses, and more are aligned with the SEO target keywords. 

Off-Site SEO

SEO Beyond Your Web Site & Pages

Your site can be connected to search engines from Google and Bing with live site maps that improve indexing. Business listings on those platforms can be integrated to make your site easier to find online.

Results You Can See

Real Transparency

We can create a custom client dashboard for you to view results in real time, as well as periodic reports to present significant findings.  Trust your own opinion of our progress.

The picture below shows keyword position changes for a business and its competitors. We can’t promise specific results, but we can know the results and use them in planning.



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