Email Marketing

#1 Manage Email Address Collection

Building and Segmenting Lists

Email can be a very effective marketing tool, and the way you decide to collect and manage email address lists has a great deal to do with the potential for success.

Email tools support dividing the list into segments, such as leads, customers, and professionals. Coordinating how email is collected and managed is the first step in successful email marketing.

#2 Send Valuable Email

Make Your Email Welcome

Give readers reasons to open, read, and share your email. Provide something useful and pay attention to the readers’ interests.

If you make email about the recipient, they will be more likely to engage and less likely to unsubscribe. 


#3 Announce the Value

Tell People What To Expect

Describe the benefit of opening your email in the subject and opening lines (that may be displayed in the inbox).

Deliver something interesting or useful right away, and make people glad to receive and open your message.


#4 Link To More

Offer More On Your Web Site

If you have a list of 5 or 10 great ideas, mention 3 in the email and link to the remaining ideas on your web site.

Email can work well as a lead-in to more engagement on your web site. Promote posts and offers with an excerpt and link to more.

#5 Call To ACtion

Encourage Conversions

Put call to action (CTA) language in your email and tell readers to call, click, share, or otherwise accomplish a business goal.

Giving people conversion opportunities directly in your email with CTA language  can improve response rates.

#5 Plan Ahead

Coordinate and Schedule

Keep a calendar for publishing and promoting on your web site, social media, and email.

By choosing topics and creating messages with links in advance, email can be more effective.


#6 Keep Score

Review and Revise Strategy

Test, track, and compare results of various subject, content, timing, and targeting in email.

Use the results to refine your email creation and distribution strategies. Over time, email results can be impressive.


Effective Email Marketing Works

From Branding to Sales

Every time your email appears in someones’s inbox, they are being reminded of your brand. If your email creates positive association by providing something welcome, readers are more likely to help you achieve business goals, such as client referrals.


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