Real World Example

A regional service business with an aging web site, poor advertising returns, and low lead generation sought our help.

After redesigning the web site we implemented ads, remarketing, call tracking, and conversion analysis. The effort was successful, and beat the national competition in local markets.

Our Plan and Implementation

SEO Research

Proprietary tools were used to discover any valuable search keywords within the existing web pages. Similar research was done to identify competing web sites and their search keyword strengths. The result was a plan for creating pages on the new web site to keep existing keyword search rank and target weak spots in competitor SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization and competitor research illustration is shown adjacent/below.

Web Site Update

The company’s web site was replaced with an updated a version that responds to mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computer screens. Page text and images resize and rearrange automatically on different screens.

Click on a web page image to see compare the old and new web sites.

Business Listing Update

Business information was updated and verified on Google and Bing Business platforms. This step is essential for optimal visibility in online search, but is often neglected or done improperly.

Search Engine Submission

The web site was submitted to Google and Bing and verified to assure inclusion in search results. An automated site map was submitted to Google and Bing webmaster tools to enhance search indexing and aid in search engine optimization.

Call Tracking

Call tracking service was configured to automatically replace the company’s phone number on screens with a rotating series of phone numbers that are routed to the company’s main phone. The call tracking service collects information on the calls as they are forwarded to the company’s phone.

Analytics Integration

The web site was connected to Google Analytics using special computer code to enable tracking visitor information. Google Analytics was configured to accept information from the web site and call tracking systems to be included in reports.

Pay Per Click Advertising

The company’s old online ad campaign was halted, and several more narrowly targeted campaigns created. The new campaigns ran ads only during business hours, used more restrictive keywords and matching methods, and were structured to favor desktop computer users. Ads were configured to run on both Bing and Google advertising networks.

Remarketing Audiences

Extra tracking code was added to the web site to allow ads to be targeted to visitors after leaving the web site. Premium bids are offered to show ads to previous site visitors, and they are shown ads with the company logo and other images.

Branding image ads are shown on cooperating web sites after visitors leave the client’s web site - while they are making a purchase decision.

Remarketing Ad Example

Call Grading

The client uses call tracking software on computer and mobile phone app to make notes about incoming calls, and mark if they are to be considered leads or not. Information collected about calls allows identification of ads and campaigns that yield sales leads.

The client marks leads in the call tracking software, so we can see which ads and sources generate the most valuable leads. Seeing real conversion information allows online advertising to get better return on investment.

Support & Analysis

We managed the whole setup for the first month and helped the client plan for the future. Now we are providing ongoing site support and oversight of advertising, SEO, and analysis. The client’s password protected dashboard gives them real-time access from multiple sources.


Managed online marketing with real accountability.

End Result

The effort yielded healthy lead traffic and the client expanded marketing areas. The expansion generated more leads at affordable rates. 

Get the advantage that wins elections and gets sales leads. Use effective online marketing strategies to spend less and get more than your competition.

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