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Collect and View the Right Information

Google Analytics and More

Collecting information takes more than connecting the web site to Google Analytics. To exploit Google Analytics’ powerful features, it helps to include and exclude the right traffic sources, record the completion of business goals, communicate with advertising platforms to influence ad targeting and placement, and more.


    Gather Relevant Information

    Filters are used to exclude visits from your business locations from traffic statistics. Steps are taken to attribute traffic to the correct sources, and to have a complete and accurate set of data.


    Learn About Your Audience

    Where are they, and when do they visit? What devices and pages do they prefer? Understanding who comes to your web site, what they like, and what is missing can make a huge difference to your online success.


    Understand Acquisition

    Web site visitors can come from many sources. We can help you track and understand how many come from various sources:

    • Organic search
    • Paid search
    • Social media
    • Referrals


    Track Conversions

    Significant events that turn web site visitors into leads or customers are known as conversions. Tracking these as goals within Google Analytics opens a world of information about the online marketing that matters - the efforts that lead to conversions.

    Conversion data allows cost of acquisition and return on investment to be part of your decision making process.

    Understand the Important Information

    Utterly Transparent Data


    We can create a custom password-protected information dashboard for you to see and explore live performance data. Information from multiple sources, and a variety of views can give you the full picture at a glance. See for for yourself how things are going.


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