About KPI Science

KPI Science offers a straightforward and transparent approach to online marketing.

We are your agents, so every account and asset is owned by your business, and KPI Science is granted access as long as you agree.

We concentrate on your business goals and the key performance indicators (KPI) that measure achievements.

We require no long-term contract, don’t charge a percentage of advertising spend, and offer you live performance reporting.

We are not lazy, but avoid extra work. You benefit when we use powerful tools to leverage our efforts, saving time and money.


Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

KPI Science was born when a business owner asked if he was really getting value from his online marketing agency.

The agency has a good reputation and was reporting solid gains in link building, social media audience growth, and other areas.

The business owner was skeptical, because the business did not seem to be growing in line with the marketing expense.

It  did not take long to discover that the inbound links were from foreign language sites that were probably harming SEO. The social media audience was made of people with little or no real interest in the business.


We took over the effort, added skills and clients, and here we are.

Applying business management techniques to online marketing lets us focus on achieving goals. You get to see if you are getting a good return on your investment.

Instead of pretending we know everything, we choose to try the basic best practices across the spectrum, and look for winners to encourage and losers to eliminate.

Our method: Review. Revise. Repeat. It’s that simple. Give us a chance to look over your situation and see where the biggest gains might be hiding.


Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Bring the best and latest online marketing options to clients for the greatest gain at the lowest cost.


Offering web, SEO, analysis, advertising, social, email, and technical support services.


Connecting online platforms to create more efficient marketing solutions.


Someone is looking out for your interests and keeping an eye on the bottom line.


Testing and measurements help determine and refine strategies.


Live reporting and analysis provide insight and oversight.


Explore Our Range

We've worked with a lot of businesses, alone and with other professionals to achieve online marketing goals. We're proud of results, and hope you will give us a chance to help you achieve your business goals online.

Law Office

SEO, advertising, and call tracking combine to make this a lead generation source.

Moving Service

SEO and many opportunites to call or request a quote generate leads.

Electrical Contractor

Project display and service description help establish reputation.

Home Health Care

Promotes the business with SEO. Careers section handles job applicants.

Senior Community

Rich content, SEO, advertising, and many conversion tools generate leads.


Content and a variety of time and money donation tools support charity.


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KPI Science

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