Managed Online Marketing

KPI Science offers a flexible and efficient approach to online marketing.

We offer a full range of services, connect them, measure the results, and use that information to guide improvements.

Get a Grip on Things 

Start with the most basic and important things, then start understanding how changes affect performance.


We work on making your online marketing efforts focus on achieving business goals, and keep score.

Our approach provides a solid foundation for optimal use and integration of the best and newest marketing platforms.

How to Start

We look at your business goals, online competing environment, and available resources. Then, we plan how to get the  most reward for your investment, and how to track the results.

How It Works

All accounts and assets are created in your name, and we get access for as long as you are happy with our performance. We act as your agent and in your interests.

Our Services

What We Can Do For You

A full range of online marketing service designed to achieve business goals efficiently.


Web Development

Web sites that work well on mobile and desktop, comply with search engines, and convert visitors. State of the art design and technology integration.


Search Engine Optimization

Research and tracking of your business and competitors in search rank. On-page and online SEO implementation.


Analytics and Reporting

Automated data collection and reporting for a variety of key performance indicators. Information that can be used to achieve efficiencies.


Online Ads

Search ads, display ads, social media ads, and more. All coordinated, targeted, and measured to seek highest performance and ROI.


Social Media

Social media account and page management. Social media advertising and remarketing. Monitoring accounts of your business and your competitors.


Email Marketing

Collecting and managing email lists. Coordinating creation, distribution, tracking, and analysis. Automating welcome, response, and other messages.


Selling Online

Create your own online store, stand-alone or integrated with Amazon, eBay , or other platforms. Advertising, tracking, and analysis for optimal returns.



Everything from web site backups, software updates, and monitoring to SEO and PPC advertising management. Hourly and flat rate service models.

We keep an eye on the bottom line.

Let us show you how things can be when best practices meet key performance tracking.


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KPI Science

Managed Online Marketing

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